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Outstanding Dreams Farm: A Maryland Alpaca Farm

Alpaca sales, breeding services and farm tours on Maryland's Eastern Shore

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Visiting Caroline County | Nearby Attractions in Preston, Maryland

Where are we located and what's nearby? Planning an afternoon or day trip to our farm offers the opportunity to stop and enjoy some of the local flavor and area destinations. Today we are introducing you to our neighbors located just a few minutes away from Outstanding Dreams Farm on Route 16.

Twilight Farms LLC Gift Shop, along with being home to horses, chickens and roosters, offers a wide variety of Floral, Nursery, and Country Decor, handcrafted items and crafts. Their store features primitives, country accessories, and a unique selection of one-of-a-kind collectible bears dressed in custom made clothing. Stop by and see them when you are visiting here in Preston for an original shopping experience!

About Twilight Farms:
Eileen Traband, Owner
7305 Todds Wharf Road
Preston, Maryland 21655
Phone: (410)479-9703
For more information take a look at their website and follow them on Facebook as well.

We look forward to being a part of your "eastern shore tour"!

Outstanding Dreams Farm is located in Caroline County, on the Maryland's eastern shore, just a short distance from many of the area's best dining experiences, cultural attractions, historical sites and charming small towns. Our visitors love coming out here for tours, shopping at our farm store and of course to meet and greet the alpacas! See what's nearby and plan a day trip to the farm while enjoying some of the local flavor and area destinations.

Sincerely, Phil and Vickie Liske
Facebook Page
Phone: 410-673-2002
24480 Pinetown Road
Preston, MD 21655

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Press Release: Agritourism on Delmarva

On Saturday, April 1st 2017, agriculture students from across the country visited our area of Delmarva as part of an educational tour program. They were attending the 97th National Block & Bridle Convention in Arlington, Virginia which was co-hosted by the University of Connecticut and American Society of Animal Science, and the theme focused on “A scientific voice in agriculture”.

We were honored and excited to have been contacted months previously and selected as one of the four tour stops on Maryland’s eastern shore which included:

· Oyster Hatchery
· Dairy Farm
· Alpaca Farm
· Spocott Farm

Our contact at the American Society of Animal Science had informed us that there would be three separate groups arriving, each to include approximately 90 students. We had scheduled them a few hours apart to allow Phil to speak to each group for approximately 30 minutes, offering background and details of operations of the alpaca farm, care of the animals, medical aspects, etc. Following his presentation there was an opportunity for to ask questions and general discussion. Each group was at our farm for approximately one hour, and all participants seemed engaged and excited to visit and learn about the animals. Some of the topics covered were animal husbandry, business aspects of farm operation and we had a wonderful time interacting with such interested young people.

We feel that our location here on Delmarva is rich with such opportunities to bring future visitors, not only in the categories of tourism and vacation experiences, but also in the capacity for educational programs. Considering that there are so many varieties of agriculture, farming and locally-made products which can be found across the eastern shore portions of Maryland and Virginia, as well as Delaware, it seems that we would be ideally positioned for the creation of a “multi-state” Ag Trail or Agritourism Experience.

While there are a few small programs already in place, such as the Kent County, MD “Farm and Country Driving Tour” and the “Virginia's Eastern Shore Artisan Trail”, there appears to be no combined effort which brings together so many of these experiences and sites which could attract visitors to our entire Delmarva Peninsula. We believe that there is great value in marketing the unique aspects of this area and would be excited to reach out and connect with others who share this goal.

Phil & Vickie Liske
Facebook Page
Phone: 410-673-2002
24480 Pinetown Road
Preston, MD 21655

Friday, April 14, 2017

Miracle the Celebrity!

Our little cria "Miracle" with the unusual marking pattern on his face, is becoming quite a celebrity lately. First, he got his picture in Alpacas magazine, and now he's on the front page of The Delmarva Farmer! We were honored to have our farm featured in The Delmarva Farmer in an article focusing on our agritourism efforts.

Miracle is aptly named as his entry into this world was quite difficult since his positioning in the birth canal was not quite right and required some nifty manipulation by our veterinarian. After a prolonged labor and a very difficult birth, we honestly didn't expect him to still be alive. Once our vet corrected his position in the birth canal, he popped out and started wriggling around. There were six of us there and we all looked at each other and said "That's a miracle!"

The name stuck and we are so glad to have him with us. He has turned out to be a friendly little guy and now served as our farm's "Alpaca Ambassador". You can read the entire article at the Delmarva Farmer by clicking here

Outstanding Dreams Farm is located in Caroline County, on the Maryland's eastern shore, just a short distance from many of the area's best dining experiences, cultural attractions, historical sites and charming small towns. Our visitors love coming out here for tours, shopping at our farm store and of course to meet and greet the alpacas! See what's nearby and plan a day trip to the farm while enjoying some of the local flavor and area destinations.

Sincerely, Phil & Vickie Liske
Facebook Page
Phone: 410-673-2002
24480 Pinetown Road
Preston, MD 21655

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Introducing the newest member of our herd, STF “Mercy”

Outstanding Dreams Farm is excited to introduce the newest member of our herd, STF Mercy.

Many thanks to our friends Timm and Helen Herman of Sugartown Farms for allowing us to purchase Mercy at the VAOBA Expo where she won the Black Female Color Champion class as well as being awarded the Blue Ribbon in her Walking Fleece class.

She was also the Reserve Champion Black Female at PAOBA in November, as well as being awarded the Blue Ribbon at AOA Nationals in the Fleece Show competition.

We will continue to show Mercy until Spring 2017, then plan to put Mercy into our breeding program as one of our foundation females. We can’t wait to see the crias this girl delivers!

Phil and Vickie Liske
Outstanding Dreams Farm
24480 Pinetown Road
Preston, MD 21655
Phone: 410-673-2002

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why do you raise alapcas?

"Why do you raise alpacas?"

This is a question we are often asked.
As we're working our tails off preparing for our Open House next weekend, we find ourselves asking this same question, "Why are we doing this?"
Well, a picture tells a thousand words and I have thousands of pictures that will explain why we do this.
Last night after working in the heat all day, I took some time to go out and enjoy some time with our alpacas. I watched as our newest cria, Perseverance, discovered that he can run like the wind! We've had a lot of crias born here and I can tell you that for me, this never gets old. Watching crias run and play and pester their moms while the adults peacefully graze or rest makes all the hard work and yes, the occasional heartbreak more than worthwhile.

So, why do WE raise alpacas?
For us, this is so much more than just a business, it's an extremely rewarding lifestyle choice that just happens to be a successful business.

They say "You only get out of something what you put into it."
Well, I can tell you that as for us,
"We're all in!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Reflections , where it all began for us

Onyx's Outstanding Omen

Onyx's Outstanding Omen

Recently I've been going through our old photos and reflecting on our start in the alpaca business.
For us, we were searching for another business venture, one that would be less stressful physically and emotionally.
I'm so happy that we learned of the alpaca industry and decided to take the plunge! Our first couple of years were a struggle to be sure. We knew very little about the animals or the business side of things. Mistakes were made, lessons learned.However, through sheer determination and just being too darn stubborn to give up we persevered! We now have what we consider to be a successful breeding program and a truly prosperous business venture.

We have met so many wonderful people and seen so many beautiful alpacas along the way. It is hard to imagine life without these wonderful animals.
While we've been in the alpaca business for a little over eight years now, in many ways I feel we're just getting started. We are excited to see what the future holds and can't wait until the next crop of crias hits the ground!

For those considering entering the alpaca business, I say "Go for it!" Don't let people talk you out of pursuing your dreams. Do your homework, buy good animals from a great farm that will teach you the ropes. I think this is the single most important piece of advice I could offer.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring time at Outstanding Dreams Farm

Spring is in the air and what an exciting time of year it is!

We started early in March with halter training our Fall crias in preparation for their show debut at the MAPACA Jubilee. What a remarkable transformation has taken place from their start as "Bucking Broncos" to well behaved ladies and gentlemen at the show! It just takes patience and practice and any cria can be trained to walk on a lead and stand for examination. Of course some are easier than others, but with persistence they all eventually come around.

Spring is also show season. We attended two shows this year, the CABO Alpaca Celebration as well as the MAPACA Jubilee. We really enjoy attending these shows and spending time with our friends from the alpaca industry. Entering our animals in these shows allows us to see some of the best in the business and challenges us all to strive to produce better animals. We were very pleased with the results of our own animals and had a great time with our friends as well!

Shearing is now done for the year and it's time to focus on birthing and breeding season. We're expecting three new crias this Spring and have quite a few breedings lined up. Birthing season is always our favorite time of year filled with hope and anticipation for the next crop of youngsters to be born!

One more project this Spring is the expansion of our pasture area. We just started fencing in an additional three acre field to allow for rotation of our alpacas from field to field.

There's never a dull moment here at our farm and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

An Outstanding Year!

I am happy to say that 2015 has been an Outstanding year for our farm!
This year marked the birth of many beautiful crias and is highlighted by what we consider to be two of our best prospects so far, ODF Sonic's Celebrity, and ODF 'S Epiphany.
We are also excited to introduce our newest herdsire, Jetson's Sir William, a 9X Champion Rose Gray male we now co own with Long Lasting Alpaca Acres. We can't wait to see his crias gracing our pastures!
Sales have also been very strong this year, setting a new record for us. We've always made a point of offering our very best alpacas to other farms seeking to upgrade their herd and many of our alpacas have moved on to new homes this year.
We also hosted our two annual events, our Alpaca Farm Festival and Open House held in September and our Holiday Open House held in November. Both events broke previous records and we welcomed many visitors, old and new to our farm.
We look forward with hope and optimism for the coming year and wish all of our alpaca friends a safe, prosperous, and Happy New Year!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

An Epiphany at Outstanding Dreams Farm

Epiphany: By definition, " A sudden and striking realization, a breakthrough".

We recently had an epiphany of sorts here at our farm. It came in the form of the birth of our latest cria, a beautiful rose gray girl,aptly named," Outstanding Dreams Farm's Epiphany". Marking a breakthrough in our breeding program, this girl possesses all the traits we have been striving to achieve for several years.

We have been working diligently to improve the overall quality of our breeding stock since the beginning of our farm. In the last few years, we have really started to reap the rewards of our selective breeding decisions and have seen a remarkable and rewarding trend in the quality of crias we've been producing here.This has been a hard climb for us as we are just a small farm and work with a limited budget. It has only been through careful and well thought out breeding decisions along with a few select purchases of outside breeding stock that we have been able to achieve our goal of producing top quality alpacas. It demonstrates that it is possible for small farms like ours to succeed and compete successfully with larger farms. Hopefully this will encourage other small breeders to stay the course. Anything is possible provided you apply yourself and don't let others discourage you from your goals!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Birthing Season Begins!



Each year we look forward to the start of birthing season. This really is my favorite time of year.
As Vickie says " Each birth is like opening up a Christmas present." What color will it be? Will it be a Boy or a Girl?
This year things started off with a bang with two births occurring minutes apart! This was a first for us. First, Serenade went into labor, then Tempest walked over to her, sniffed her and decided it was time to join the party!
Serenade delivered a beautiful fawn female whom we've named Angelica. Tempest had a handsome boy that we've named Ragnar after the main character from the History Channel's Vikings series. Both are doing great and growing very well. I mentioned earlier about not knowing ahead of time what color the cria will be. Serenade is white and was bred to our beige herdsire, Maximization. Her cria, Angelica is a dark fawn. Tempest is medium fawn and was bred to a medium fawn male. Her cria, Ragnar, is bay black. Like Vickie said, each birth is like waiting to open a Christmas present and you never know what's inside until you take the wrapping off !

We are expecting six more cria this spring and can't wait to see what Mother Nature has in store for us ! As many cria as we've had here, this never gets old, we love the anticipation!