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Welcome to Outstanding Dreams Farm – we’re Phil and Vicki Liske!

Like many of you, we wanted a way to make money but enjoy life!  Our “Outstanding Dream” was to find an enterprise we both enjoyed (and could enjoy together) that was both profitable and low risk.   Phil’s an avid animal lover with a long history of unusual pets  - including goats, snakes and skunks! Vicki enjoys a variety of crafts and sharing her skills with others.

We began our search for a family business online, researching and reading.  Phil was intrigued by alpacas – and everything he read just reinforced his interest! Click here to learn about Alpacas.  

Vicki was hesitant at first, but was convinced to visit an alpaca farm to learn more. Once we met the gentle alpacas we were both excited – but needed to make sure the business side of an alpaca farm would actually be profitable – we weren’t interested in a hobby farm.

We were both excited to learn that Alpacas can be highly profitable, with several income sources!  Click here to learn about the business side of Alpaca farming! We were convinced – and Outstanding Dreams Farm was born!    

There are two breeds of Alpacas, Huacaya and Suri.  We chose to raise Huacaya simply because they appealed to us more than the Suri. Someday, we may decide to raise some Suris, but right now we are concentrating our efforts on raising Huacayas. They are adorable! (also, they tend to tolerate wet and cold weather better than Suris). 

Our herd is growing – and we attend frequent shows and workshops to ensure we are breeding up, making each generation better!  We have a variety of colors ranging from Beige to Black, and one Pinto, who is our favorite. Her name is Anticipation Annie, & she is our first cria (offspring) born on the farm. Annie is truly one Special Alpaca.  Alpacas come in over twenty natural colors!

We invite you to visit Outstanding Dreams Farm! Meet our animals, learn about the benefits of alpaca farming (did I mention tax credits and insurability yet?) and browse through our store. We currently sell yarn, rovings , raw fleece, as well as finished garments & stuffed animals, blankets, gloves, etc.  We are proud members of the North American Fiber Producers co op & now carry excellent quality alpaca products made in America from our fellow U.S. alpaca farmers in our Farm Store.

We sell our quality-bred Alpacas for both quality fiber production and breeding stock. We offer On Farm,Interest Free Financing, on your purchase of breeding stock alpacas.We also offer Package Deals on purchases of two or more alpacas. We’ll even board and care for YOUR Alpaca on our Farm! In addition – we’ll help you set up your OWN Alpaca farm, if that’s your dream! Our focus is on providing you with quality alpacas at a reasonable price, while being there for you with personalized customer service after the sale.Our goal is to build our reputation one satisfied customer at a time!

 For the past 3 years,we both have  served on The Show Committee for the Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association while Phil currently serves as  President on The Board of Directors.

Welcome to Outstanding Dreams Farm – where dreams really do come true!

Phil & Vicki Liske


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