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Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide our customers and clients with a superior experience here at our farm. Committed to excellence and quality, we strive to offer education, information regarding a wide variety of topics relating to the care and business of raising alpacas.

Our dedication to the mentoring and support programs which we provide clearly illustrate not only the attention to detail we bring to this business, but also speak to the education and experience we can offer. A sale is never "just a sale" here at Outstanding Dreams Farm, because when you purchase animals from us, we are with you through the entire process. In a sense, many of our clients become friends and extended family, as we place a high value on these relationships and connections.

When quality and service of the highest standard are what you look for, contact us and find out for yourself what we offer.

Phil & Vicke Liske
Owners & Operators
Outstanding Dreams Farm


"We purchased our first alpacas from Phil and Vickie Liske of Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm in 2012. We had done a lot of research before our first visit to the farm and knew it was going to be extremely important to purchase our alpacas from someone we could trust, who would be there for us every step of the way and mentor us throughout our alpaca journey. Many years later, we know that we definitely made the right choice with Phil and Vickie. Every call, text, email, etc. is answered promptly and when a farm visit is needed, there is no hesitation (and we’re an hour away!). They’re knowledge of alpacas and their care is only surpassed by their passion for the animals. You can buy alpacas from lots of people, but if you don’t buy from the right person, you may have a rough road ahead of you and your alpacas deserve more."

Tracy Abram
Tag Along Alpacas, LLC


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"We have been living on our farm since 1993 and wanted to have some sort of livestock to add to our grain farm.  During our research, we discovered the alpacas.  It was love at first sight.  We purchased our first three from Phil and Vicki at Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm in 2009.  The alpaca’s personalities and temperament are a joy to watch and make them so easy to raise.  Phil and Vicki Liske have always been available for us if we have any questions.  Phil is very patient with us during our learning process throughout the years.  Vicki excels in her knowledge of the fiber and all the crafts that can be done with the alpaca fiber."

Glenn and Elaine Orme
Tuckahoe Treasures Alpaca Farm


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"From the very first phone call we made, Phil and Vicki have both been extremely helpful and have offered seemingly infinite value and assistance to us when we have needed it the most. The alpacas that we bought from them were strong and healthy and were a wonderful herd to start our alpaca journey with. But even more valuable than that has been the mentoring and assistance they have given from the start."

Bryan Mindte


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"I met Phil and Vickie 7-1/2 years ago, when I showed up one day on their farm to see the alpacas and wound up helping with herd health and shearing, loving it more each time I went.  They welcomed me like an old friend even though we had not met previously.  They kept telling me I would own alpacas of my own, and I thought no way.  I kept coming back and to help when I could and yes I did wind up owning my own alpacas bought from their herd.  Now 7-1/2 years later they are still my mentors and are good friends as well.  They have supported me so many ways through the years.  Phil has always been there for me when I had birthing or care issues.  We even co-own several Herdsires together now and have become good friends.  I couldn’t have asked for a better support system."

Jennie Mezick
Secret World Alpacas



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“When we were exploring the Alpaca Industry to see if we truly wanted to get alpacas, we were fortunate enough to meet Phil and Vickie Liske of Outstanding Dreams Farms. They were kind enough to spend countless hours answering all of our questions and after meeting their beautiful and friendly alpacas, we were convinced the Alpaca Lifestyle was the right choice for us. It was the best decision we ever made. Phil and Vickie are excellent mentors and are always happy to answer any questions we may have.”  

Mitchell and Linda Dickinson
Painted Sky Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill


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Tuesday, September 25, 2018