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Getting Your Alpaca Business Started

The Business of Alpacas

Why an Alpaca business?

  • Alpacas are easy on the land, they have padded feet, they are gentle, beautiful, curious animals.
  • They are relatively easy to care for and handle and do not require large acreage (approximately five to ten can be kept per acre).
  • Upkeep & housing are relatively inexpensive.
  • Alpacas are long-.lived. Their average life span is twenty years.
  • Alpacas can provide a good return on investment. Females start breeding at eighteen months old & produce on average one cria per year into their late teens. Gestation is roughly eleven & a half months.
  • There are some very good tax benefits as long as you operate as a business.
  • They provide an excellent family business. Plus, you just can't help falling in love with them!
  • We offer On Farm, Interest-Free Financing on your purchase of Breeding stock Alpacas.
  • We also offer Package Deals on your purchase of two or more alpacas.
  • Boarding is available for alpacas purchased from our farm, making it possible for those that don't have a farm or land of their own to enter the business.This greatly reduces the initial investment while providing many of the same financial benefits of owning an alpaca farm. Contact us for details on how this may be the right option for your situation.

Profitability of Alpacas

  • Every winter, your Alpaca will grow a sought after luxurious fleece, just waiting to be shorn, used and sold! Annual fiber yields average roughly seven pounds per alpaca.
  • Breed and sell your quality alpacas! Although gestation period is just under a year, these cria are worth waiting for! Not only adorable, they often sell for as much - or more - than was paid for the parent.
  • Not to be overlooked as a very important aspect of raising alpacas are the great tax benefits that Uncle Sam provides. An alpaca can typically be depreciated over a five-year span or 20% per year and, in addition, Section 179 of the tax code to allows for the deduction of a capital asset up to $250,000 for assets up to $800,000.
  • Capital gains can be available on the sale of breeding animals and their offspring. Current expenses are deductible. Consult a tax adviser for specifics as they relate to you.
  • Also - alpacas are 100% insurable!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017