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An Epiphany at Outstanding Dreams Farm

Epiphany: By definition, " A sudden and striking realization, a breakthrough".

We recently had an epiphany of sorts here at our farm. It came in the form of the birth of our latest cria, a beautiful rose gray girl,aptly named," Outstanding Dreams Farm's Epiphany". Marking a breakthrough in our breeding program, this girl possesses all the traits we have been striving to achieve for several years.

We have been working diligently to improve the overall quality of our breeding stock since the beginning of our farm. In the last few years, we have really started to reap the rewards of our selective breeding decisions and have seen a remarkable and rewarding trend in the quality of crias we've been producing here.This has been a hard climb for us as we are just a small farm and work with a limited budget. It has only been through careful and well thought out breeding decisions along with a few select purchases of outside breeding stock that we have been able to achieve our goal of producing top quality alpacas. It demonstrates that it is possible for small farms like ours to succeed and compete successfully with larger farms. Hopefully this will encourage other small breeders to stay the course. Anything is possible provided you apply yourself and don't let others discourage you from your goals!