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Ragnar's new home!

ODF'S Ragnar
I had a very nice day today as I delivered Ragnar to his new home. Such a beautiful, well tended farm with loads of room to roam and a new pasture buddy! He settled in right away and though both are intact adult males, they got along quite well right from the beginning.
I'm often asked how I'm able to part with our alpacas. Honestly, it is bittersweet and sometimes very difficult for us. After all, here's an animal that you raised from birth and oftentimes have cared for for years.The thing is this, we are operating a farm business . If we do not sell animals we cannot remain in business. We screen our clients prior to sale and offer ongoing mentoring to teach them how to care for the animals. I find helping new breeders establish their herd and learn to care for them to be one of the most rewarding aspects of the business.
We enjoy sharing in the excitement of our clients as they welcome our animals to their farm. We stay in touch afterwords and are always available to lend a helping hand or offer advice when asked for.
We will miss Ragnar, but know he's in a good loving home and will be well cared for.