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New Beginnings: "Lily and Minnie Me"

Minnie Me


I'm experiencing mixed emotions as I prepare to deliver two of our favorite girls to their new home today. I'm often asked how we are able to let go of our animals, and what the process feels like. Honestly, it hurts. We love our alpacas and letting go of them is difficult. We care deeply about the homes they will be going to, and we interview prospective buyers to ensure they understand how to care for the alpacas and the responsibility they are taking on. We stay in touch with the new owners after the sale, remain available to answer questions and teach the basics of routine health care. For us, the sale is just the beginning of our relationship with our clients.

The upside of selling however, is that we are sharing the joy of alpaca farming with others. It is very rewarding to see their excitement as we come up the driveway with someone's very first alpacas! Oftentimes the entire family is there to greet the new arrivals, and we cannot help but share in their excitement and enjoy being a part of this experience. Vickie and I certainly remember how excited we were when our first alpacas arrived, and we love the opportunity to provide that now with our customers and delight in their "new beginnings" too.

For us, it is a privilege to be the farm which people choose to purchase from. It is also a responsibility, and one which we take seriously, as we are committed not only to our clients but also to the alpacas we have raised. Both of our girls will be missed, but at the same time we are celebrating the start of a new relationship and we look forward to sharing the love of alpacas with new friends. Happy Trails!