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Crown's Jewel at Nationals 2014

Nationals 2014
One of the highlights of our memories from the last ten years was having our alpaca, Crown's Jewel win at Nationals in 2014. We had never attended Nationals before as for the most part, it was held many hours away, however that year they were being held in nearby Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Count us in!

We felt it was important to only bring our very best to this show as you really are competing against the best alpacas in the country here. Having said that, we only brought one entry, Crown's Jewel. My heart was in my throat as we entered the ring! Looking around me I noticed we were competing with some of the most well know farms in the country. I thought to myself "We don't stand a chance."

I was literally shocked when after assessing the animals the judge pointed to us for first place. I actually turned around to see if she was pointing to someone behind me! Needless to say, this was an emotional victory for us. Having worked so hard for so long and to finally win at the highest level was an amazing experience! What made this victory even sweeter was having so many of our friends there watching the class and erupting into cheers when we were awarded the Blue Ribbon. We've gone on to many other wins since then, but for me, none will compare to this moment.

Phil & Vickie Liske
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