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The Comeback Kid

Outstanding Dreams Comeback Kid
With mom, Adel

With mom, Adel

I can run!

I can run!

As I came out to the barn early on Tuesday morning, I spotted something small laying on the ground just outside the barn door. We had a cria born the previous morning and at first glance I thought this was her. As my eyes focused, I saw the other cria walking around the pasture. It then dawned on me that we had a new arrival!

I quickly went over to check out the new cria and while it was small, everything looked okay. We had a nice little brown boy. I went to the house to get the cria bag, came back out, toweled him off and dipped the navel. After having had many cria born here, I felt this one was cause for concern as he wasn't very active and while it was a very warm morning, the cria was shivering. My wife, Vickie had come out by then and we checked his temperature , it was only 95.6 degrees. (normal is around 100)
We got the hairdryer out trying to warm him, covered with towels and continued trying to stimulate him. Luckily our vet was already scheduled to come out that morning to check on the cria born the previous day. I sent her a text letting her know that we had a problem and she recommended that we prepare plasma so that she could give a transfusion as soon as she arrived. She also suggested giving him a little colostrum and some Karo syrup while we awaited her arrival.

A couple of hours passed before she arrived and he was going downhill. He was basically a wet noodle. The plasma was administered and still he did not respond. We all knew his chances were not good, but we didn't give up and neither did he. I kept going out and giving him colostrum and Karo syrup a little at a time and very gradually he gained strength. Late in the afternoon, he was finally strong enough to take a few ounces of colostrum by bottle and actually stood up and walked a little on his own. A couple hours later, he walked around the pasture a little further. I went out to the barn early the next morning and the little guy got up walked over to Mom and started nursing! Unbelievable!

He has continued getting stronger and on day two is actually up and running with the other cria! I strongly believe in the power of prayer....plasma....and preparedness - and never giving up as long as there is a glimmer of hope! We've decided to name this boy "Outstanding Dreams Comeback Kid" - he's little, but mighty!

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Phil Liske