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Never a Dull Moment

Boy, there's never a dull moment around here!
What an exciting and fun day as we experienced a birth while being interviewed for a segment on our local TV station.
We were contacted a few days ago by reporter Brooke Butler who works for Channel 47-WMDT Salisbury to do an interview for a segment called The Brightside on the evening news. Of course we were excited to take part in this and things were set for today at 11:00. As we were getting ready this morning, one of our alpacas named Adele starting showing signs of early labor.
Oh Boy!
As Brooke and her photographer arrived, the onset of labor progressed and about halfway through our interview she delivered a bouncing baby boy!
Thank goodness this was a textbook delivery and everything went well!
This was such an exciting day for everyone as they had never seen a baby animal being born and we of course, were excited to have the opportunity to share the story of our farm with others!
The piece is scheduled to air on the Channel 47 Evening News Hour , Tuesday October 29th.