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About our Gift Shop

Our Farm Store Gift Shop started out with humble beginnings! In 2008 we basically had a couple of display tables and few items in our then unfinished garage. We needed to be convinced there was an adequate demand for alpaca products before giving up our garage space and making the investment to convert the space into a Farm Store.

During that first winter when people would visit the shop you could literally see your breath in there! I don't know if perhaps the cold helped motivate people to buy the warm, comfy alpaca clothing, but buy it they did! As customers kept coming in to our shop we began to realize that the demand was real and growing. Feedback received from our customers was overwhelmingly positive - that people didn't just like this stuff, they loved it.

We soon converted our garage into an actual Farm Store & Gift Shop which now offers a wide array of wonderful alpaca clothing, accessories, rugs, blankets, children's toys, socks and more. One of our favorite sections is the yarn which is made from our own alpacas and processed right here in Maryland.

We continue to expand our selection of unique, handcrafted and unusual items in order to provide an exceptional shopping experience for our guests. Come visit us to find quality alpaca products, and then be sure and stop by to meet the animals. After all, they are the ones that actually produce the fiber for many of these items!

Phil & Vickie Liske
Outstanding Dreams Farm