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Shearing Day 2019

Another Year's shearing is in the books.
The day dawned bright and sunny despite a gloomy forecast. However, as shearing got underway, thunderstorms broke out and torrential downpours set upon us. Luckily, we were prepared and all our alpacas were already inside our barn. Actually, we never missed a beat and things continued running smoothly.
The showers passed and the sunshine returned. All our alpacas sported their new haircuts and are now prepared for warmer weather.
We are fortunate to have one of the most skilled shearers in the business as well as a great team of volunteers to make things run smoothly.
Many thanks to Jay Mariacher and his team, as well as our friends, Jennie Mezick, Kathy Brown, Bonnie Bieber, Jackie Mathiason, Pinkie Kirsch, and Leo Valez who all pitched in to help.
This truly is a team effort and would be so much more difficult without all your help.