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Reflections , where it all began for us

Onyx's Outstanding Omen
Recently I've been going through our old photos and reflecting on our start in the alpaca business.
For us, we were searching for another business venture, one that would be less stressful physically and emotionally.
I'm so happy that we learned of the alpaca industry and decided to take the plunge! Our first couple of years were a struggle to be sure. We knew very little about the animals or the business side of things. Mistakes were made, lessons learned.However, through sheer determination and just being too darn stubborn to give up we persevered! We now have what we consider to be a successful breeding program and a truly prosperous business venture.

We have met so many wonderful people and seen so many beautiful alpacas along the way. It is hard to imagine life without these wonderful animals.
While we've been in the alpaca business for a little over eight years now, in many ways I feel we're just getting started. We are excited to see what the future holds and can't wait until the next crop of crias hits the ground!

For those considering entering the alpaca business, I say "Go for it!" Don't let people talk you out of pursuing your dreams. Do your homework, buy good animals from a great farm that will teach you the ropes. I think this is the single most important piece of advice I could offer.